FPP Usage Statistics

FPP Statistics

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This is a top level summary of information gathered from FPP installations around the world. Unless otherwise stated, all charts display the time period defined at the top of the page. This report was last updated Refresh has failed.

# of Devices Reporting

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Last Reported


Generic Platform Variant

Pi Platform Variant

BBB Platform Variant


Release Details

Device Memory

Installed Cape

FPP Version / OS Version

Top 15 Capes

Top 10 Plugins

This tab summarizes the types of outputs configured for each FPP device and was updated Refresh has failed.

Total Output Universes

E1.31, ArtNet, DDP, KiNet

Network Output Channels

E1.31, ArtNet, DDP, KiNet

Local Pixel Outputs

Usage of Other Outputs

Panel Channel Counts

# of Configured Panels

Panel Sizes

LED Panel Channel Types

E1.31 Input Universes

E1.31 Input Channels

Output Processors

Popular Settings

FPP Mode

UI Level

MQTT Configured?

Configured Timezones

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